All of us @ GLI are more than pleased with the product and, of course, delighted with the “big payoff”. Thanks so much for all the hard work. As always, we enjoy our association with Target Marketing.

Curt Martin, Director of Research
Greater Louisville Inc.

It makes my job easier when I work with professionals such as yourself. Thank you for making this project a pleasant experience. The City looks forward to maintaining our partnership with your company as you produce a stellar product.

Carla Banks, Communications Manager
City of Kissimmee

Please pass my sincere appreciation and congratulations to the entire Target Marketing team as they exceeded our lofty expectations in every way and have delivered a “benchmark” publication for this Chamber of Commerce and our valued members.

John A. Hornbeck, Jr., President & CEO
Hampton Roads Chamber

Having worked with Target Marketing for the past few years, I am continually impressed with their professionalism and commitment to our Chamber, especially with our members. They have a great product, which is never late, and offer us a timely royalty, too. I highly recommend their company and enjoy working with them.

Diane Taylor, Communications Manager
Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce

The Nashville Chamber’s map has been a wonderful tool for our company. We work with executives relocating to the area and can’t imagine doing our job without it. The map is an excellent guide for not only Nashville but the surrounding cities we are in as well. It helps our client maneuver around the city with ease. If you do anything with our chamber, you know they do it with class and this map is no exception.

Christy Campbell, Business Development
Now Leasing

I’m Cindy Cash, president of the KCK Chamber and I’m sorry we didn’t call you back about receiving the maps and how much we appreciate them. The timing was perfect as we are welcoming 900 plus new GM employees from around the country to KCK. They ALLLLL want maps. Thanks for getting them to us and they really are great. — p.s. thanks for the info on the check, our finance people like that news!

Cindy Cash, President
KCK Chamber

We did receive our maps within the past hour – they look absolutely fabulous …. Thanks again for your commitment to this project; we are very pleased.

Sherry Johnson, Interim CEO
Rocky Mount Area Chamber

Thank you all so much for considering us for an advertisement this year. They are awesome! Keep us posted for future map projects!

Melissa L. Alston, Volunteer Coordinator
The Little Willie Center

The maps are beautiful! Everyone loves the cover. We thank Target for all your hard work and Happy Thanksgiving.

Faith A. Norris, Front Office Manager
Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber Map is a valuable resource for the entire community and helps support the Chamber by giving our members added visibility in the marketplace.

Stephanie Coleman, VP of Marketing & Communications
Nashville Chamber of Commerce

I got the Maps yesterday! They look great!

Tamara Minnick, Media/Publications
First Baptist Church

Wanted to let you know that everyone is very pleased with our new map. It exceeds our expectations and we are very proud. Appreciate you!

Vanessa Bennett, Director of Operations
Kingsport Chamber of Commerce

I just wanted to let you know that we received the Bakersfield Chamber Street Map and Resource Guide and the AD looks great! Thanks again for letting us participate!

Joy Invina, Community Development Coordinator
Houchin Community Blood Bank

In the four years, I’ve worked with Target Marketing and Scott Robertson, they have always delivered a quality product that was on time and exceeded expectations. Scott and his team are professional and respectful of the local chamber and its members. Their maps are a useful tool for the community and visitors alike. I highly recommend other communities look at using Target Marketing for their map needs.

Mindy Bradish-Orta
Jackson County Chamber of Commerce

Having the direct link is very helpful. I appreciate that you managed to have our district show up on the map (we thought it might be outside your map boundary) and the link to the district website is great!

Claire Place, Community Liaison
Tanque Verde Unified School District

This is one advertisement we are 110% pleased with!

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