Flawless Digital Cartography

Target Marketing has created the best on line counterpart in the mapping industry. Users are able to pan and zoom, find area attractions, search business directories, get street level detail directions and find those areas that most mapping options miss or don’t have updated.

Visit today for examples of communities and Chambers of Commerce where we have produced highly effective and accurate cartography of the region.


Maplocator is the online counterpart to our printed Street Map & Resource Guide. It is linked from the chamber or city website and offers the participating business added exposure at no extra cost.


  • Comes free to all participants!
  • High-profile display advertisers also receive a banner ad
  • Back Cover gets the main, top-level banner  ad (468 x 60)
  • Full Panels receive one banner ad located directly under the top-level banner (180 x 150)


  • Includes exact cartography as the printed map and will be the most up to date map of the area.
  • Pan and Zoom capabilities allows the end user to drag the map and zoom in to street level detail.
  • All participating businesses are recommended by category and also listed alphabetically by company name.
  • By clicking the business name, it will zoom in and pinpoint the location, feature the company’s contact information (name, address, and phone) and a direct link back to their website.
  • Shows actual samples of the cartography used on the printed map
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