Company History

Target Marketing OfficeFor over 31 years, along the Ohio River in Northern Kentucky, Target Marketing has been the industry leader in Chamber of Commerce Map Publishing. Now serving over 230 Chambers of Commerce coast to coast, Target Marketing is the largest exclusive Chamber Map Publisher in the Country and growing.

In January of 2009, the founders of Target Marketing sold their entire stake to SouthComm Communications of Nashville, TN and the CEO over the past five years, Philip Hageman.

SouthComm Inc.

SouthCommSouthComm Inc. is the parent company for Target Marketing.

SouthComm is a new media model that precisely targets content to more effectively reach readers. Declines in daily newspapers and general interest publications prove that the time is right to offer this sort of targeted content to both give the readers what they want and the advertisers what they demand.

SouthComm’s focus is local content. National and international news and information are commodities that are readily available from multiple sources. However, good, local information … information that truly matters … is harder to come by. That’s the void we’re filling, and our readers appreciate it.

SouthComm’s mission is to deliver the best local content in the markets we serve and to do so in various formats that today’s readers demand. From daily online breaking news products to bi-monthly slick magazines, SouthComm provides the best opportunities for readers to stay knowledgeable and advertisers to remain relevant.